“When I needed a publicist to help promote my book, The Lily of the West, I found there were quite a few available, but upon discovering the highly recommended Krista Rolfzen Soukup and Blue Cottage Agency, there was no need to look further. Krista is reliable, creative, ethical and well connected. She personifies that elusive quality of being a straight-shooter who is kind and non-judgmental. She’s been a tremendous help to me and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Simply the best.”
“I had no idea what I was doing in the process of getting my book out into the world. Krista not only built up my skills, but she also built up my confidence. And best of all, I have been able to spend time and build a relationship with you: a remarkable, talented, honest, authentic woman of integrity and sill. Thank you for all the help you have provided in developing my marketing skills and acumen, creating an excellent book package, web presence, setting up a book tour and making me into the real public face of an author. I am so lucky to have Blue Cottage Agency on my team and look forward to continuing to grow our relationship. It is a pleasure working with Krista!"
“I can’t imagine my writing career without the help of Krista Soukup’s Blue Cottage Agency. Krista has taken all the pain out of publicizing and marketing my books. She works tirelessly to attract my widest readership possible by sending postcards, contacting bookstores and museum shops, helping me with all my social media, providing a liaison with my publisher, and so much more. Krista truly loves the writers and the books she represents, and she has the kind of cheerful, can-do attitude that never fails to brighten my day. She is a writer’s best friend.”
“Blue Cottage Agency was recommended to me by my editor. I am so thankful to have met and worked with Krista Rolfzen Soukup through the launch of my book. She has been honest, helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging throughout the process. Not only have I enjoyed her as a publicist, but a friend as well!”
“I had played with the idea of writing a mystery for years but had no idea of how to pursue this. It was suggested to me that I consider some of the training Krista Rolfzen Soukup has offered through her agency. Consulting with Krista changed an idea into a reality. Krista guided me to educational workshops and challenged me to define my work so I could make it marketable. Krista was able to explain what I needed next, when I didn’t know myself. Krista is a guiding light that removes walls in the hazy maze of confusion that surrounds writing and publishing. I can’t thank her enough for her assistance. Blue Cottage Agency launched my career as a writer. I attended training provided by Krista Rolfzen Soukup which were incredibly helpful and she has since directed me to a publisher. I am now a published author, with a book that is selling well. Krista is respected and very knowledgeable in the publishing and marketing arena. I am now receiving guidance from Krista and the Blue Cottage Agency with marketing and am thankful for their work every day. Blue Cottage Agency is the best! ”
“It takes a lot to impress me, but they did. Their report was thorough, critical, embarrassing, constructive, thoughtful, encouraging, instructive, and motivating. Although I have to admit I was initially somewhat skeptical of publicists, after talking with Blue Cottage Agency and reading their strategic analysis report, I now see their work as a career doctor and their analysis as the prescription to heal my ailing writing career. Their detailed suggestions have helped me to know exactly what I must do to sell my books. The more I consider their suggestions, I am actually feeling some optimism for the first time in many months that the prescription–and the changes I make because of it–might be just the medicine I need to achieve my goals in this beloved and often-crazy profession. This may well be the best money I’ve spent on my career. Thank you very much, Krista!"
“Writing a book is like being pregnant without a due date. It is driving in the fog with the low beams on, eyes fixed to the white line revealing the route. It is an act of faith. It is a journey that need not and should not be tread alone. The afternoon I entered Krista’s meeting room clutching my notebook of essays and hopes, I could not see around the corner. Her warm smile, welcoming greeting and downhome hospitality melted away my insecurities. She called me an author. Words matter. I was looking for a genuine, personable, direct talking, confidence inspiring guide, and there she was. Krista gently, yet directly, led me through my ideas, ferreting out strong points in my writing and publicity options. As a career college instructor, I had written in many formats, done public speaking, led study-travel to foreign countries and organized community events. That, however, was not the expertise needed to get me published. After just one hour with Krista, my jumbled portfolio began to take shape. I left with a clear sense of what was possible with my writing, names of several editors, and information on publishing options. She was also clear on the long road ahead. I went home to writing, revising and finally had a manuscript ready for its trip to an editor. Along the way, Krista put me in touch with MidState Design, and my learning curve expanded to include a website. The journey, as I am discovering, has just begun. I am grateful for Krista’s guidance, enthusiasm and personal touch. She has maintained a consummate business presence while being a personal companion on this ride, sending me kudos, sharing delight in accomplishment balanced with cautious patience. Mil gracias, amiga.”
“As a book designer and publisher for over 30 years, I know that a true passion for the written word, a solid understanding of the book publishing labyrinth, and a fullness of positive energy are the building blocks of an effective and successful book marketer. Very shortly after meeting Krista for the first time, it was made clear to me that she has these talents and abilities – in spades. Krista is the kind of person you wish you could clone, because she is exactly what authors and publishers need to thrive well. I am extremely proud of our relationship with Krista and Blue Cottage Agency. Her remarkable spirit of making things happen is not only refreshing for our firm, but insightful and effective for her writers.”

“Although successfully published with Five Star/Cengage, six times over in historical western romance, when I attended my first Western Writers of America conference earlier this year, I’d been away from writing for three years. (I’d put down my writing pen and picked up my Grandma knitting needles, so to speak.) This time lost shouldn’t make much difference, I told myself. My previous works have garnered national reviews and enjoyed comfortable sales, so no worries, right? Wrong! At the WWA conference, the membership couldn’t have been more welcoming but my heart sank at the task now ahead for me—to promote ARCTIC STORM, Watch Eyes Trilogy, Book One, to fans I no longer have, and to fans I will never have unless I master social media, on an internet I don’t understand, either! Sigh. My old bones just got older and my 68-year-old brain went blank. Close to packing it in and heading home, I decided to attend the panel on marketing and promotion, scheduled for that morning. I made a good decision. No, I made a great decision! Krista Rolfzen Soukup was one of the panelists. I took careful notes, despite my anxiety over this subject. After the session, Krista indicated she’d be happy to meet with anyone who wished to speak with her, as well as give out her email. Krista is a Literary Agent and Publicist from the Blue Cottage Agency who represents bestselling, well-known writers. I might speak with her for advice but she wouldn’t care to help a lesser-known writer like me. Wrong again! Not only was Krista gracious enough to listen to my tearful marketing woes, but she invited me to contact her. I believe she knew I was a “senior” writer in trouble; suffering from Low Computer Skills Syndrome (LCSS). Thanks to Krista and Corey K., I now have the basic skills I need to begin building back that ever-elusive fan base.

I’m happy to report that since Krista has become my “Senior Writing Advisor,” I no longer suffer from full-blown LCSS. The writer in me will live, after all.”

“It has been my good fortune to have known and worked with Krista Soukup as a promotional consultant for my fourteen (and counting) Western and historical novels. Krista’s guidance and knowledge in the field of marketing, as well as her ability to express these ideas succinctly, have been of tremendous benefit in my efforts to expand my base of readers. I highly recommend Krista and Blue Cottage Agency, and look forward to working with her in the future.”
“Writers need a good publicist the way singers need a promotional agent and products need marketing. How will people know we exist without it? Writers are artists and often introverts at heart. We find it incredibly difficult to promote our own work, especially those of us raised in the mid-west where we’re taught to be humble and self-depricating. If you want your work read and seen, you need to be bold and brag about it. A publicist, like Krista, knows how to do that with enthusiasm. She shouts out my accomplishments, makes connections, and most importantly she knows how to make it happen. She handles the details of promotion and publicity, leaving me free to create. She thinks about details that never entered my mind, and when she talks me up, she builds me up, and I’m emboldened to create more and stretch further to – Go. Create. Inspire!”
“Krista Rolfzen Soukup has taken my writing business to a new level. Since becoming a client of Blue Cottage Agency, my teaching and editing income have skyrocketed. Krista has filled my calendar. I am editing, teaching and speaking about my new book, Farm Girls. If you are a writer or self-employed in the literary world, you need someone like Krista. She’ll get you noticed and brainstorm avenues to keep you busy.”
“Krista has been a blessing to my career as a writer. Not only is she enthusiastic and wonderfully supportive, she also is creative in her approach to marketing my book and writing career. I look forward to working with her in the years (and books) ahead. I know she will continue to contribute substantially to my future as a poet/writer. She is a person of quality and integrity, someone who is not only my publicist, but also a friend.”
“Krista has really helped me get organized and move forward with becoming published.”
“Krista is the kind of person you go to when you need a boost of positive, creative energy! Her broad level of experience, creative talents, enthusiasm, and efficiency in ‘getting the job done’, are certainly a winning combination.”
“I have hired Krista Rolfzen Soukup of Blue Cottage Agency for consultations, to strategize marketing for my cat-themed memoir. Krista walks easily and skillfully between the right and the left-brained world, and she brings a crucial, highly positive attitude to this whole endeavor. Krista has a thorough knowledge of the changing publishing industry, and she’s current and skilled with using technology and social media for marketing. She’s given me a wealth of information and concrete, doable suggestions for implementation. I have no doubt that I will succeed with this extensive and highly targeted help. Use Blue Cottage Agency for your publishing and book promotion needs – this company is a valuable treasure!”
“Blue Cottage AGENCY, will work hard for YOU. I really appreciate what they have done for my writing career.”
“I have taken Krista’s marketing workshop twice. Each time, I learn a bit more. Thank you, Krista!”
“Krista has been invaluable to our local writer community by arranging for workshops and supporting local arts groups. There’s nothing but good being said. If you’re interested in working with Krista, set up a meet before making a decision. Good luck, writers, everywhere!”
“Love the writers workshops and community support! Krista pulls together writers from all levels of experience and helps them grow. Thank you!”
“Krista is one of the most talented book publicists I have met. She’s innovative, honest, efficient and gets results! If you’re looking for guidance on how to set up a publicity campaign or need a publicist to handle the campaign, I highly suggest contacting her.”

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